Children, Young People and Families

Individual assessment and therapy for children, young people, parents/carers and families.

At different stages of life, we all may face particular challenges. Children and young people may experience distress or upset in relation to family issues, life events, transitions, friendships or educational challenges.

Sometimes we may need additional support from outside of the family to help understand and manage the challenges, to recognise strengths and to explore solutions. By promoting positive emotional health and well being, children and young people can be supported to achieve their hopes and aspirations. I believe that by empowering children, families, parents and carers in recognising and enhancing their own strengths they can build upon their skills, resilience and confidence.

How can I help?

I can offer a safe and containing therapeutic space to explore, reflect and respond to a range of emotional and behavioural issues which may contribute to your child, young person or yourself as a parent, feeling unhappy, lacking in confidence, worried or out of control.

Some of the issues you may wish to contact me about include:

  • Worries, fears, anxieties and OCD
  • Sadness, low mood and depression
  • Loss, bereavement, trauma and adjustment
  • Self esteem, confidence and identity
  • Developmental and behavioural concerns
  • Relationships in the family
  • Parenting difficulties and challenges
  • Managing during times of stress
  • Negotiating change and transitions

What I can offer

Individual assessment and therapy for children, young people (up to age 25), parents/carers and families.

Following this consultation, I can arrange:-

Clinical Supervision and Consultancy

Supervision, consultation and training for professionals working with children and young people.

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